Food + Drink: My Favourite Banana Bread

Over a year ago, in my final weeks of pregnancy, I decided to put together a bit of a booklet consisting of my favourite recipes.  The idea was that I wouldn’t be in the right frame of mind or have the time and energy to cook, let alone remember what to cook – if baby brain was in anyway as bad as pregnancy brain, I’d need some help.  Turns out I didn’t have time to finish it (no surprise there), so complied a list of go-to dinner dishes that would help when we were over tired and needed to eat.  It ended up being very very useful (and something I recommend for parents to-be).

A year passed before I realised that I still wanted to publish this booklet of recipes, and so begun writing a list of my favourite recipes, cooking those I hadn’t made in a while, and photographing them.  Some come from my old blog, and some are new.  I’ve been working on the now e-book for the past six months in my spare time (which is little), and hope to have it ready to share with everyone in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here is a recipe from the e-book of my go-to banana bread.  Every time I make it I get asked for the recipe, so here it is!  Lately I’ve been experimenting with using pureed dates instead of sugar, so that’s an option if you want to cut out the refined sugar completely.  Otherwise I tend to use coconut sugar, but any sugar will work fine.


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